Sr. Staff/Staff Engineer - Network Security Solution

Futurewei Technology is looking for a world class Network Security Expert to join our Wireless Access Lab. The work location could be in Plano TX, or Chicago.
Job Description
Network security expert experienced in wireless network security, the standard and hardware/software security architecture.
Familiar with the physical protection of equipment and board, such as JTAG interface.
Familiar with cloud security architecture
Familiar with CPU architecture
Research security solutions and technologies for next generation wireless network
Meeting with customers to collect security requirement
Design security system level solutions
Document security solution
The candidate should have at least 8+ years R&D experience and 5+ years experience of security research or security product development in wireless network security, TRM/Trustzone;
Proven successful experience of applying security techniques to meet security requirements of a Trusted Platform Module;
The candidate should have deep understanding to some of following technologies (but not limited to):wireless network security, cloud security, hardware/software architecture of TPM/Trustzone, cryptography algorithms and protocols, application security, IP security, etc.
The candidate should have at least 3+ year experience of supporting security/communication standard/specification organization (preferred);
The candidate should have deep understanding of cellular network security architecture
The candidate should have comprehensive understanding of security solution and techniques for trusted computing, virtualization and mobile application.
Flexibility, adaptability, and willingness to learn new technologies to support the business;
Excellent intercultural communication and coordination skills.
Open for worldwide short-term travels.
The candidate should have bachelor or higher degree (preferred) in Telecommunications, Computer Science or information security (preferred).
Must have authorization to work in US.
Why work for us?
Our contract sales reached $46.5 billion USD in 2014, a year on year increase of 20.6%.
We invest in engineering and innovation - 70,000+ of our 150,000 global employees work in R&D.
Globally ranked #1 for International Patent Submissions.
We continually invest heavily in global community involvement programs.
We support green energy - Lowered CO2 emissions by 13,000 tons via Huawei's green packaging solutions
We are a member of 130 standard bodies.
Engaged in over 100 research projects with 50+ Universities in the United States

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